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Ideas that Stick: The Power of Simple, Engaging Communication

Conveying concepts in the simplest and most engaging way is an art that leaves a profound impact on audiences. Throughout the years we’ve been with you, our aim has been to create remarkable memories of your presentations. Our services start with free consultation for preparing presentations and continue until achieving the desired outcome. These services are not limited to creating presentation files; we also leverage our experience to help you perform your best in your sessions through ongoing advice. Some of this experience includes design principles, speaking techniques, and ways to enhance impact during presentations.
At “Do My PowerPoint,” we strive to achieve your goals in terms of influencing your audience and ensuring you outperform your competitors.

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    Nadine Petrolli
    Nadine Petrolli

    CEO and Founder

    Amir Shahtoori
    Amir Shahtoori

    Designer and business plan

    Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith

    Support manager


    Our Purpose

    Years of working with prestigious organizations and academic institutions have sharpened our skills in recognizing and resolving presentation-related issues. Our main goal is to improve the elevate of presenting services so that you may accomplish the greatest results. By selecting our team, you can make the most of your time and money and make sure that your presentations are not only successful but also economical.

    Our Visoin

    Our Vision

    Drawing from years of collaboration with leading companies and educational institutions, we have gained insights into the nuances and hurdles of presentations. Our vision is to empower presenters to craft exceptional presentations, enhancing audience satisfaction through precise, evidence-based evaluation.

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